Roses are the ultimate romantic gesture and red roses traditionally mean love and passion. But did you know that white roses represent purity, innocence and loyalty, pink roses thankfulness, joy, elegance or beauty and purple roses are a sign of love at first sight. And yellow roses mean friendship or a way to say I am sorry.
True Love KF009
From $ 70.00
Bouquet of long stem roses KF001
From $ 120.00
Long stem roses in ceramic container KF002
From $ 130.00
Bouquet of long stemmed roses in a vase KF003
From $ 120.00
Half Dozen Long stem red rose arrangement KF008
From $ 75.00
Dianna - Cheerful arrangement of pink lily and pink roses
From $ 65.00
Monica- Red Roses and White Oriental Lily Bouquet
From $ 75.00
Elegant posy rose arrangement in ceramic pot KF010
From $ 60.00
Box Roses KF005
From $ 35.00
Stunning Oriental Lily and Roses Bouquet KF013
From $ 80.00
Long stem red rose in a vase KF007
From $ 35.00
Rose Delight KF006
From $ 25.00
Beautiful bouquet of Graceful Pink Roses
From $ 75.00